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Turris Zero

April 1, 2021

Turris Zero firewall with 100% lifetime security warranty

Turris Zero is a unique device, and thanks to its 100% secure firewall, it automatically keeps your network safe against all Internet threats and against the Internet itself. As the Internet is, most of the time, a source of negative feelings and emotions. It provides a lifetime guarantee and automatic updates for free.

Turris Zero protects you against all current and future threats in a few decades. The user interface with a fingerprint sensor hidden inside the Turris logo is intuitive. It includes automatically hidden WAN and LAN ports on shorter edges of the case. Every household member 5-99 years old would be able to setup this device. You can let both a child or an active elder of your family to configure this secure firewall for you. The administration interface is designed entirely autonomous and unattended. You don’t need to log in anywhere. Also, you don’t need to remember any useless credentials.

Turris Zero is entirely open-source, of course. It runs the unique operating system Turris OS 0.0 on completely open hardware, which you can modify and combine as you like it. For example, you can connect these two firewalls behind …

Turris Shield – hardware firewall from the Turris open-source product family

Sept. 4, 2020

Our hot news, which we introduced this week, offers internet users a unique way to secure all the devices connected to their home network. You do not have to be an IT expert or professional network admin to use Turris Shield. The only thing you need to do is to plug in the new Turris in front of your Wi-Fi router which secures your entire household or office.


More information on Turrisu Shield can be found at product website. You can also read more in our press release about the new Turris that we have published. And one more note — Turris Shield is sold on European Amazon for 99.


The first Turris MOXes go into the world

Dec. 10, 2018

The first batch of Turris MOX is on the way to users

Last week we released the update at Indiegogo, where we announced that the first batch of Turris MOX is on its way to users. Most of those who ordered just board without a plastic case, already have their MOXes at home. MOX distribution in plastic boxes will follow.

Turris MOX: meet our modular router!

April 3, 2018

Turris MOX

After a lot of hard work from our fantastic HW and SW development team, today is the day we can finally say that we are far enough to introduce you to Turris MOXthe first ever modular open-source router!

What does modular mean? Well, for now, we offer 4 modules: Basic (CPU, USB 3.0, microSD slot, GWAN), Extension (mPCIe slot), Ethernet (4× GLAN) and SFP (SFP connector). It is up to you to decide how you want to combine the modules and whether you want a router, an AP, a five port switch, or even a media converter. Just like Turris 1.X and Turris Omnia, Turris MOX will also be open hardware and run on a distribution of OpenWRT. All of these features are thought to give our users maximum freedom - you decide what function you want to use, you decide how you want to hack it! At the same time, as with Omnia, we offer a secure default configuration, an easy setup and most importantly automatic updates

Are you already as excited as we are? To find out more about what individual modules look like and how to combine them, please visit our …

Turris Cloud: a smooth router for every network administrator

April 1, 2018

There’s plenty of routers on the market for various end-users demands. But have anybody thought about network administrators needs? We did - and our answer is Turris Cloud! 

Turris Cloud meets today’s latest trend to store everything in a nice smooth cloud. All your data, memories and dream will stay there safe and they will be protected by the best security mechanisms of Turris routers. Shortly: Turris Cloud is the router of your dreams!

How to use Turris Cloud as an experienced network administrator - save your dreams

Foto 1: Turris Cloud, router of your dreams

The body of Turris Cloud is made of polyester plush and it’s fully compatible with all Turris routers. Antennas automatically fold itself to not interfere with user’s own data storage. 

Turris Cloud front view

Foto 2: Front view

Turris Cloud will be available from April 3rd on Indiegogo for a discounted price. 

We would kindly like to note that some of the features of Turris OS 3.10 (now in RC) won’t be available in Turris Cloud – namely Parental Control to monitor data flows and Cloud Backup to backup router settings. 

Stay tuned and support us on 3 April on Indiegogo! 

Foto 3: How is Turris Cloud produced

Turris Cloud in production facility

Next Turris? Omnia²!

April 1, 2017

Breaking news. We finally finished the blueprints for the next generation of our router, the Turris Omnia² (read: The Square Omnia). To make it cheaper, we decided to manufacture just one colour, but we believe our choice will suit everyone. 

Omnia Pink

Some feature highlights include: 

  • Dimensions: 5*4*1 microfurlongs 
  • Weight: 44PJ 
  • Builtin support for RFC 748, 1149, 1438 and 1924 
  • Log splitting support (an axe) 
  • Automatic self defence mechanism (an axe) 

Stay tuned for more information!