Always updated hardware firewall

Plug-and-play setup icon
Plug-and-play setup

Easily connects between your modem and router. Setup is just a matter of minutes.

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Always up to date

Unique firewall software does not put you at risk and brings updates instantly.

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Easy VPN

Enjoy encrypted connection to your local network from anywhere with a few clicks.

Highest security for everyone

Turris Shield is a single-purpose device for everyone who wants to easily secure their entire home or office without having to change their modem or router. No above-average IT skills needed!

45 000+ attacks

are targeted  on each router daily.

4 000~ updates

are sent from our headquarters to your Turris Shield every day.

2 seconds

are enough for Turris to detect an attack and send an security update.

Why safer than others?
Turris Firewall

Turris gets data from thousands of probes all over the world.

When a new attack is detected, security fix is automatically created and distributed to all Turris devices.

Your entire local network, often containing many devices with no or outdated firewall, is protected even against attackers known only for a few seconds.

Indispensable VPN

Turris Shield can act as a VPN client and also as a VPN server. What are the benefits?

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Anonymity and Security

With an encrypted connection, your ISP will not be able to track you and ad targeting will get more of a challenge for the third parties as well.

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Safe connection from anywhere

You can connect to your VPN server even using an untrusted public Wi-Fi connection, for example in cafés, which are often a veritable paradise for hackers.

No geographical discrimination

Thanks to a VPN, it is possible to browse even websites that would otherwise discriminate against users on the basis of the location of the device.

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Single authentication

You don't have to think about logging in to your VPN every single time. You can set it up as automatic just once for all the devices you need.

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Business data protection

The VPN client feature allows businesses to secure sensitive data even when their employees work from home. The IT administrator can easily pre-configure a connection to the corporate network on the device, which means all the employee must do at home is just launch the Turris Shield

Easy configuration

Turris Shield can be configured easily thanks to a user-friendly web interface. This means anyone can make the necessary adjustments.

Turris Shield is a perfect device for those looking for an easy set-up device without the need for more complex configuration. Unlike other devices in the Turris family, Turris Shield does not include OpenWrt LuCI interface. Instead of this, there is reForis interface which is optimized for maximum simplicity.

If you require detailed setting of all parameters and possibility to customize your device exactly to your ideas, we recommend you to focus on the Turris Omnia or Turris MOX device.

No unnecessary LEDs

If you’re not a fan of blinking panels, you will appreciate that Shield has just one small LED.

Adapter on the cable

The adapter is not on the plug, but on the cable. This keeps the remaining sockets free.