Turris OS

Driving all Turris network devices.
Explore the whole world of its advantages.

Turris OS and OpenWrt advantages

Built on OpenWrt

Turris OS stands on the popular Linux distribution OpenWrt. From the first to the last character of the code it is open source – developed and reviewed by many professionals from all over the world.

Automatic updates

Unlike most other routers all devices with Turris OS get automatic updates to core components of the system for their lifetime.

Manage Turris easily

Turris devices are configurable through the user-friendly reForis web interface, which also contains an initial setup wizard.
Unlike its previous version Foris, reForis can be proud to be built by usage of modern technologies such as Bootstrap, React and Flask.

Measure your internet access quality

NetMetr, a special tool but also a part of the reForis interface, measures your internet parameters like upload, download and response time. You can set also the autostart times.

Monitor your children behaviour online

PaKon, also an easy to use tool through reForis, allows you to monitor the activity of selected devices in your network.

Backup icon
Back up the operating system anytime you want
Schnapps is a tool for managing snapshots of the OS status. Snapshots are useful for example if you plan to make major changes to system settings. They are also created automatically each time the OS is updated and periodically once a week.

Security matters

Door lock, PIN, safety belts, alarm, TURRIS,...
People already used to protect their health and property. It is time to focus on information protection.

Turris Sentinel – nightmare of all hackers

Turris Sentinel is a data collection system containing thousands of probes all over the world. The probes send data about the suspicious traffic to the Turris headquarters, where they are evaluated and serious attacks are detected. Turris Firewall takes care over the next steps.
Data collected by Turris Sentinel are available at view.sentinel.turris.cz.

45 000+ attacks

are targeted at every router daily.

4 000~ updates

are sent from our headquarters to your Turris device every day.

2 seconds

are enough for Turris to detect an attack and send an update.

Dynamic Firewall – Guardian of the entire local network

Dynamic Firewall takes a turn after Turris Sentinel detects an attack. A new security fix is automatically created and distributed to all Turris devices. The entire local network, often containing many devices with any or outdated firewall, is protected.

Indispensable VPN

With a virtual private network, all your connected devices browse the Internet with higher anonymity and security. Turris devices can fulfill both - the role of VPN client and VPN server.

WireGuard VPN


WireGuard - the coolest VPN solution out there - is of course supported on Turris OS as well. Currently it is not as easy to setup as OpenVPN, but if you know a little bit about networking, it will not pose any issue. We have a tutorial on YouTube to help you set it up quickly.

Business data protection

The VPN client function allows companies to secure sensitive data even when their employees work from home. The administrator easily pre-sets the connection to the corporate network on the device and the employee just turn it on at home. In addition, it easily connects to VPNs from multiple devices.
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HaaS logo

HaaS – Honeypot as a service

With Turris OS it is easy to join HaaS – a project offering publicly available service of the honeypot. Special software simulates an operating system and allows an attacker to log in and execute commands or download malware. You stay safe, HaaS can analyze the attacker's behavior in order to increase security.