Hi-performance and open source router


All you need to get your Internet working at home or small office. Extra security features included.


Get a backup connectivity over 4G if your main uplink goes down. Stay online at all times.


Perfect for those who already have a set of Wi-Fi APs but looking for a core router with cool features.

Open and secure software


Omnia uses an operating system based on OpenWrt. This means that you have an open Linux distribution in your device and can do anything you want. The source code is publicly available online.

Automatic updates

Unlike most other routers, Turris Omnia gets automatic updates to core components of the system for the lifetime of the device. Your home is thus protected from new cyber threats.

Distributed adaptive firewall

Omnia sends information about suspicious data streams to the Turris headquarters. The data recieved from thousands of routers are compared and if an attack is identified, updates are sent to all Turris devices.

Virtual server

Thanks to the 2GB RAM of Omnia you can use a built-in virtual server to run any Linux distribution (even Ubuntu or Debian) without risk to the main system.

Distributed adaptive firewall

There is malicious traffic trying to get into your network from the internet and infect your devices. Fortunately, the Turris router is capable of monitoring all the traffic.

When the Turris router detects suspicious traffic, it sends its fingerprint into the Turris headquarters. The information is evaluated there, compared with data from other Turris routers and in case an attack is detected, a protection is prepared.

A new security fix is created and distributed to all Turris routers. Thus the users help to protect each other by sharing information about new security threats.

Your home network, containing many devices often without any resistance to outside attacks, is protected.


CPU Marvell Armada 385

1,6 GHz (dual core)

Wi-Fi 6 with speeds up to

2400 Mbit/s

RAM DDR3 up to

2 GB

USB 3.0 with speeds up to

5000 Mbit/s

Home router is necessary to connect you to the internet but it is idle most of the time, just eating electricity. Why not use it for more tasks?

With powerful hardware, Turris Omnia can handle gigabit traffic and still be able to do much more. You can use it as a home server, NAS, printserver and it even has a virtual server built-in.

Hardware and features

Network Attached Storage

Thanks to the two USB 3.0 ports and powerful CPU you can use Omnia also as a NAS with a performance of dedicated NAS storage, just for costs to run the device.

Network throughput

The internal network setup of Omnia is unique amongst home routers. Utilizing three gigabit ethernet lines, it offers better performance and more configuration options.

SFP connector

If you have an FTTH (Fiber To The Home) type of connection, Omnia can fully replace devices which have been connecting your home to the internet until now. Just insert the correct SFP module.

Backup connectivity

With use of USB or miniPCIe LTE modem you can create a backup connection and easily set its activation up in the situation when the main connection is not available.

Adjustable RGB LED

All of the twelve diodes are fully programmable. Set any color, brightness, flashing interval or turning off at night.

Powerful antennas

With four powerful antennas and possibility of adding two more LTE antennas Omnia always guarantees smooth data transfer.


Omnia contains three mPCIe slots therefore offers enough space not just for Wi-Fi cards, but also for LTE modem or disk controller.

Adapter on the cable

The adapter is not on the plug, but on the cable. This keeps the remaining sockets free.

8 GB flash

Even if you install tons of programs, you still have some space left for other stuff.


Lack of entropy can be a security weakness. That's why Omnia has a special cryptochip.

RTC battery

Information about exact time is very important for cryptography. When it is missing, it can facilitate an attack.

Easy VPN

Set up an encrypted connection to your corporate or home network with a few clicks.


Successful campaign on Indiegogo

The crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising funds for the start of serial production of the Turris Omnia router has become the most successful Czech campaign on the Indiegogo platform in history. The target amount was collected in less than 24 hours and at the end exceeded more than 8 times.

8 200+

backers believed in Omnia from the beginning

1 223 000 USD

was raised for the development and serial production of Omnia

Our customers said

"We were looking for hundreds of devices that could be used in our public transport vehicles (buses, trains, taxi) and stops as a gateway and a Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time. Turris Omnia is perfectly suitable for that purpose as it contains only configurable software and high-performance hardware."

"When we needed new routers for our 79 Oxalis stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to securely connect them via VPN to the headquarters, the performance-quality-price ratio played a big role. We chose Turris Omnia routers also because they have SFP/LTE/WAN and can be freely configured."

"The heaters we produce, with Omnia as a control unit inside, are designed for cryptocurrency mining while heating. The board of Omnia has components close to our needs and stability of the platform is outstanding. There is mSATA slot for eventual embedded storage and many available unpopulated headers that can extend all its potential."