Design a device that meets your requirements and don't pay for anything you don't need.


Power the device via Ethernet cable or cover your premises with WiFi signal.


Get the most popular combinations of modules and add-ons as "ready-to-go" sets.


MOX offers dozens of different module combinations. Design a device that meets your requirements and don’t pay for anything that you don’t need.

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Open source


Thanks to the open code, you know exactly what the software does. The hardware schematics are publicly available online.


The source code is typically inspected by experts all over the world, which means that bugs are found and fixed quickly.


OpenWrt software has been in development for a long time and is updated by a large community of developers.


The repositories contain additional software that can expand your use of the device even further.

Just like Linux, MySQL or Firefox, Turris OS is open source. It’s based on the Linux system OpenWrt.


Automatic updates

With MOX, you are always running the latest firmware with all of the security patches. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Data in the security of your home

Every Turris MOX device can be used as a shared network storage, so you’ll have your data under control.

Identification of possible attacks

MOX can identify suspicious data streams and send information about them to the Turris headquarters. All you have to do is to enable this feature to improve your protection.

Distributed adaptive firewall

The Turris headquarters compares data recieved from thousands of connected routers and if it identifies an attack, updates are sent right away to all Turris devices.

Distributed adaptive firewall

There is malicious traffic trying to get into your network from the internet and infect your devices. Fortunately, the Turris router is capable of monitoring all the traffic.

When the Turris router detects suspicious traffic, it sends its fingerprint into the Turris headquarters. The information is evaluated there, compared with data from other Turris routers and in case an attack is detected, a protection is prepared.

A new security fix is created and distributed to all Turris routers. Thus the users help to protect each other by sharing information about new security threats.

Your home network, containing many devices often without any resistance to outside attacks, is protected.


Processor Marvell Armada

1,0 GHz (dual core)

Wi-Fi 802.11ac with speeds up to

1300 Mbit/s


512/1024 MB

USB 3.0 with speeds up to

5000 Mbit/s

25 ethernet ports at once

Even such a switch can be built from MOX. All you have to do is connect three MOX E (Super Ethernet) modules and a MOX D (SFP) module for optical connection to the MOX Start set.


Private cloud

Why give your sensitive data to third parties and pay for the privilege of doing so? Create your own cloud on your MOX (based on Nextcloud).

Parental control

Protect your children against inappropriate content. The PaKon tool allows you to monitor the activity of selected devices in your network.

Easy VPN

With MOX, you can set up an encrypted connection to your corporate or home network with a few clicks.

Network-attached storage (NAS)

A MOX with the USB 3.0 port can be used as a shared network repository and easily become your media server.

No unnecessary LEDs

If you’re not a fan of blinking panels, you will appreciate that MOX has just one small LED and you can turn even that one off.

Not a single screw

You can take the device apart and put it back again without any tools in 10 seconds.

Integrated antennas

No ugly antennas in your office or home. The antennas are hidden inside the device, yet still powerful enough.

Adapter on the cable

The adapter is not on the plug, but on the cable. This keeps the remaining sockets free.

Indiegogo Turris MOX

Verified by crowdfunding

In 2018 people reaffirmed they believed in the entire Turris project when MOX by its raised amount entered the history of the most successful Czech crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo (as well as two years earlier in case of Omnia).

2 700+

backers believed in MOX from the beginning

373 000 USD

was raised for the development and production of MOX