Dialect Sweden

"We were looking for hundreds of devices that could be used in our public transport vehicles (buses, trains, taxi) and stops as a gateway and a Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time. Turris Omnia is perfectly suitable for that purpose as it contains only configurable software and high-performance hardware."


"When we needed new routers for our 79 Oxalis stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to securely connect them via VPN to the headquarters, the performance-quality-price ratio played a big role. We chose Turris Omnia routers also because they have SFP/LTE/WAN and can be freely configured."

Qarnot Computing

"We've developed the first computing heater embedding microprocessors as a heat source, using Omnia as a control unit inside. The board of Omnia has components close to our needs and stability of the platform is outstanding. There is mSATA slot for eventual embedded storage and many available unpopulated headers that can extend all its potential."

Kingdom of Railways

"Turris routers provide high-quality and secure Wi-Fi connection for the visitors of Kingdom of Railways in Prague, Czech Republic. We have installed a complete Wi-Fi network for all railway model fans in cooperation with Stelio s.r.o. company. Turris Omnia provides a gateway to the Internet and Turris MOX with external antennas takes role of Wi-Fi access points."


K3 Bohumín

"We are using Turris routers for many years now and since 2020, the latest model of Turris Omnia. It does exactly what we need. With slight exaggeration, one could say that because of Turris' continuous and ubiquitous updates, we have a new router every month. Thus, we are saving public finances, our time, and effort."

Sam Knows

"We were looking for a powerful and reliable device for measuring high-speed broadband up to 2.5Gbps, which is not possible to measure by traditional web-based speed tests. There was a significant demand for such a device from our ISP and telecom regulatory customers around the world. Turris Tech, in cooperation with our R&D team, prepared a customized version of opopular and powerful Turris Omnia router, which fulfills all our requirements. And they did it in a very quick time!"

K3 Bohumín

"I wanted to have reliable, powerful and flexible linux-based hardware for my connectivity at home. Turris Omina is a perfect match, being open-source based, designed and manufactured in Europe. I've never been satisfied with mass market home routers with limited features, and Turris Omnia opens an almost infinite set of possibilities. We are now evaluating the use of Turris Omnia also for teaching purposes at University, as they will enable us to build complex network scenarios."

HW server

"We needed to solve secure, modular and reliable connection for our IoT modules and technologies using mobile LTE connection.

Turris Omnia met all our expectations. Thanks to the internal LTE modem and possible option to install internal SSD disc, Turris Omnia was ideal choice. In addition, Turris team responded to our requirements very quickly and flexibly."

Univerzita Tomáše Bati in Zlin


"We were looking for a secure router with a modular HW design based on OpenSource technologies, which we could use to educate our university students on topics related to network security in our new study program specialized on Cyber security.

TurrisTech, division of CZ.NIC z.s.p.o., was the only company that very quickly came out to support us with long term device(s) loan.

On top of that we agreed on continuous consultations, workshops realization and TurrisTech's participation on events organized by our faculty."

Sherlog Technology

"We were looking for configurable and secure solution for our world wide branches, where we run main internal applications. The Turris Omnia with LTE modem allowed us to provide high quality service as we needed.

In addition it is user-friendly and it does not require any technical knowledge from the user. The total cost of ownership (TCO) came out as the best from all offered solutions."