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Turris Cloud: a smooth router for every network administrator

April 1, 2018

product fun

There’s plenty of routers on the market for various end-users demands. But have anybody thought about network administrators needs? We did - and our answer is Turris Cloud! 

Turris Cloud meets today’s latest trend to store everything in a nice smooth cloud. All your data, memories and dream will stay there safe and they will be protected by the best security mechanisms of Turris routers. Shortly: Turris Cloud is the router of your dreams!

How to use Turris Cloud as an experienced network administrator - save your dreams

Foto 1: Turris Cloud, router of your dreams

The body of Turris Cloud is made of polyester plush and it’s fully compatible with all Turris routers. Antennas automatically fold itself to not interfere with user’s own data storage. 

Turris Cloud front view

Foto 2: Front view

Turris Cloud will be available from April 3rd on Indiegogo for a discounted price. 

We would kindly like to note that some of the features of Turris OS 3.10 (now in RC) won’t be available in Turris Cloud – namely Parental Control to monitor data flows and Cloud Backup to backup router settings. 

Stay tuned and support us on 3 April on Indiegogo! 

Foto 3: How is Turris Cloud produced

Turris Cloud in production facility