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Turris Zero

Invitation to Maker Faire Prague 2019

June 20, 2019

We would like to invite you to the second year of the Maker Faire Prague. The event is happening on Saturday 22th June and Sunday 23rd June. It is open from 10 am until 6 pm in Prague - Výstaviště Průmyslový palác.

We will have there a booth no. 115, so you can visit us and talk to us. You can play Tetris on our Turris routers. We will show you our modular router Turris MOX.

On Saturday between 1 pm and 4 pm at our booth, there will be autographing for a new book Porty, bajty, osmibity in Czech, which was authored by Martin Malý. It was released in the CZ.NIC edition.

We hope that you will enjoy the inspiration weekend at MakerFaire Prague.

Your Turris Team

Invitation to the InstallFest 2019

Feb. 27, 2019

Dear Turris users,
this weekend, 2nd and 3rd March of 2019, there will Czech conference for users, where you can ask for help with installation GNU/Linux and other problems it or you can discuss it, and meet other people.
InstallFest will be in FEL ČVUT - Karlovo náměstí 13. All presentations will be in Czech, but if you're also speaking English, you can come to our booth, where you can visit with us and talk if you want about Turris MOX.

Michal Hrušecký on Saturday 2nd March at 13:00 has a presentation, where he shows how Turris MOX boots from Turris Omnia, which would be able to expand WiFi signal.

We will be waiting you there!

Android app redesign

Dec. 22, 2018

Looking back at our current app, we found out that it wouldn't be that easy to extend and maintain it in the long run. At the same time, we were also facing quite some challenges in the backend part of the app. Originally we used netconf for our applications but that has proven to be more of a hindrance than a help. As the mobile app was facing big redesign already, we decided to go with the long-term maintainable solution and redesign the backend as well.

As we are making various decisions now, , we would like to ask you for feedback. What would you like to have in our new mobile application? What do you think makes the most sense, what is crucial and what is not. We came up with some ideas so we prepared poll from those, but you can enter some ideas of your own. Later on, we will evaluate that, publish the outcome and develop a new application that will be much better than the current one.

Send feedback via survey here.

Turris OS 3.11

Dec. 10, 2018

List of news:

  • Simple dashboard of available web applications (WebApps)
  • New Foris guide for initial setup of a router
  • First components of new system for network attacks detection Turris Sentinel
  • Turris 1.x factory image update
  • Experimental support for Samba version 4
  • Complete migration of Foris to Python 3
  • Other packages update

See more details in changelog on wiki.

The first Turris MOXes go into the world

Dec. 10, 2018

The first batch of Turris MOX is on the way to users

Last week we released the update at Indiegogo, where we announced that the first batch of Turris MOX is on its way to users. Most of those who ordered just board without a plastic case, already have their MOXes at home. MOX distribution in plastic boxes will follow.

Invitation to the IT18

Nov. 8, 2018

Invitation to the Internet and Technology Conference (18) 15 - 16.11.2018 in Prague

The Internet and Technology Conference reminds the history of the .CZ domain as well as the significant projects of CZ.NIC.

We would like to invite you to the Internet and Technology Conference (18), which will be held at November 15 - 16 in the Grandior Hotel and Olšanka Hotel (Academy CZ.NIC).

In the program of first day Ondřej Filip will talk about the Turris project news. The next day we prepared workshops called Routers Turris and their ecosystems I and II.

In the first block, Štěpán Henek and Michal Čihař will speak about what is new in Foris and how Weblate helps us manage our translations. The second block focuses on new data collecting system Sentinel, captive portals and the upcoming version of Turris OS - 4.0. Your guides through these sessions will be Robin Obůrka, Karel Kočí and Michal Hrušecký.

We look forward to meeting you

Your Turris Team

Turris Invitation to Maker Faire Prague

June 20, 2018

Dear Turrists, we like all bastlists, home-made doctors and new ideas.

Turris Team is a partner of the first year of Maker Faire Prague, which is held this weekend at the Industrial Palace at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague.

Come visit us from 23 to 24 June 2018 from 10 am to 6 pm, you will find us in the right wing of stand P11.

At the Turris booth we will showcase the new demonstration panel of the base module MOX, which was with us at CEBIT in Hanover.

You play #Turtris on the popular Tetris and you can also test your communication skills in the Two Towers game.From 14.10 on, Patrick Zandl will take part in the Business From Ballroom to Business Discussion Panel with his lecture "From Bastle to Product".

Come and enjoy an inspirational weekend with makers of all kinds.

We look forward to you

Your Turris Team

Big new features in Turris OS 3.10

May 21, 2018

We are coming to you with great news about the just-released Turris OS 3.10, which is available as part of the automatic updates of Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia routers.

Cloud Backups – keep your configuration safe!

A second exciting new feature is the option to easily save your router’s configuration to our servers. Sure, you could also make a local backup using Schnapps, but thanks to Cloud backups you can now safely back up to our servers and restore any time you need to without having to search your computer for configuration files. As with Pakon, you can install and start using Cloud Backups inside the Foris user interface. Everything is, of course, encrypted and we cannot access your data – an emphasis on your privacy is our unshakable habit. You just need to be careful about one thing and that is not to forget the password. Without it, not even you will be able to access your backups.

Storage plugin - set a safe storage space with just one click!

And finally, our third novelty is the Storage plugin. This service takes care of moving data from the eMMC flash memory, which is susceptible to frequent writing and …

Updated the terms and conditions

April 25, 2018

We have updated the terms and conditions due to new European GDPR regulation. You can find these documents in Support/Terms and Conditions section. This new Terms & Conditions will be valid starting 25.5.2018.

What updates happened?

In accordance with the Regulation, information on personal data is transferred to a special document - Processing Policies.We have also added the option for users to save backups of router user settings, ie Cloud Backup, to CZ.NIC servers.Other changes are rather cosmetic, possibly related to regulatory requirements, such as (out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes).

Introducing our „Safe router“ project at ISSS

April 11, 2018

In the last two days the Turris team was present at the ISSS conference and introduced your new project Bezpečný router (Safe router). If you are a Czech institution, you can apply for a free loan of one of our routers. Please see the Czech version of this website or the official website for details.