Majordomo sunset period

March 26, 2018

The Majordomo package was an early approach towards giving the user an overview of activity inside his internal network through the Turris routers. With the course of time, Majordomo became insufficient as a solution and was replaced by Pakon, which utilizes Suricata to display and analyze  collected data. 

For these reasons, we haven’t been further developing Majordomo and are considering it‘s gradual removal from our supported package list as soon as it has functionally been replaced by Pakon. If you are using Majordomo solely for monitoring network traffic, not much is going to change for you, you can simply switch to Pakon‘s CLI or web interface. For those users, who want to have access to archived data, we will prepare a static clickable display of their data. The Majordomo module will then gradually be removed from Turris OS, so that it‘s outdated state doesn‘t pose a security threat. 

The Pakon web interface will be part of Turris OS version 3.10 and Majordomo would in that case be eliminated in summer 2018. If you have any questions or comments about letting Majordomo go, please post them here.