Build a network device that does exactly what you need. If your requirements change in the future, you can just get the missing part.

* The original Moxtet bus is used to connect the expansion modules to the MOX A module.

MOX A (Basic) is a universal network microcomputer with gigabit connectivity and USB 3.0 port, and is the basic building block of every MOX set.

MOX A is available in two variants – 512 MB RAM and 1024 MB RAM. The first one is included in the MOX Pocket Wi‐Fi, Power Wi‐Fi and Classic, the second one in the MOX Start, which is the starting point for a customized network solution composed of Turris MOX components.

The MOX A module is supplied only as a part of the MOX sets, including power supply, microSD card and plastic chassis. It is sold separately only after previous arrangement and only in larger quantities.

The MOX B allows you to add more hardware to your configuration. It contains an mPCIe slot for a compatible Wi-Fi card, disk controller or LTE modem. If you choose to install an LTE modem, the MOX B features a SIM card slot that you can use.

  • Pass-through SGMII

The MOX C module contains a four-port manageable switch for gigabit ethernet.

  • Pass-through PCIe

The MOX D module contains an SFP connector for an optical connection (with speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps) or compatible adapters.

  • Pass-through PCIe

The MOX E module is an ideal choice if you need more ethernet ports to connect devices to your network. It has twice the width of the other modules and contains an eight-port manageable switch for gigabit ethernet.

Unlike in the MOX C module, the SGMII bus is not terminated in the MOX E module and it is possible to connect up to three MOX E modules in a row.

  • Pass-through SGMII
  • Pass-through PCIe

The MOX F module expands your configuration with more USB 3.0 ports with transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps that you can use to connect external drives, TV tuners and other devices.

  • Pass-through SGMII

The MOX G module with an mPCIe slot allows you to connect a compatible Wi-Fi card to achieve significantly higher speeds than SDIO (we recommend the original mPCIe MOX Wi-Fi add-on). It also has a SIM card slot for users who are considering an mPCIe LTE modem.

MOX G has the same features as MOX B and additionally a pass-through PCIe bus, which means that it can be used together with the MOX B or MOX F.

  • Pass-through SGMII
  • Pass-through PCIe

All the modules are supplied in a plastic case.








(Super Ethernet)




(Super Extension)

WAN port (up to 2,5 Gbps SFP)-----
LAN port 10/100/1000 Mbps (RJ-45)-  4×---
USB 3.0 (up to 5 Gbps)-----
mPCle slot----
SIM slot----
Pass-through SGMII--
Pass-through PCle --
Size without case W × D × H (mm)100×61×14105×61×30106×61×14105×113×30110×61×19100×61×14
Size with case W × D × H (mm)114×61×45114×61×45114×61×45114×112×45114×61×45114×61×45
Weight without case (g)3460341385434
Weight with case (g)74100742189474
Operating temperature0 to 40 °C (40 to 104 °F)
Relative humidity10 to 90 %
Warranty2 years
HW extensibility – MOX modules1 × 64 pin connector

We recommend the original MOX Wi-Fi add-on (mPCIe) as a Wi-Fi card to the modules MOX B (Extension) and MOX G (Super Extension). It has been tested together with the device. Other Wi-Fi cards can be used too, but we can not guarantee proper functionality.

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