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Turris at InstallFest 2020

Feb. 26, 2020


InstallFest 2020 is happening this weekend already and we are taking part. As last few years it will be held at FEL ČVUT at Karlovo Náměstí. You can look forward to many interesting talks and workshops about various opensouce topics. Apart from conference, there is going to be a small exhibition with several booths of various projects as well. We are participating in both parts of the event. We are going to have a booth there where you will have an opportunity to meet and chat with people activelly working on Turris router develoment. In the conference part, our colleague Martin Prudek will have a talk about Turris Sentinel - the new data collecting and threads detecting system. What does it do? How did it worked in past, what changes are being worked on and what you can look forward to in a future? As InstallFest is a local conference with almost no foreigners, he will be delivering the talk in Czech but you can catch him at our boot and have a chat with him in English as well.