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How to contribute to Project Turris

Nov. 10, 2017


If you like Turris and you have an idea how to help us or you just want a special feature or hack, which you think might be interesting for the rest of the community, you can always contribute code. Turris OS is open software, which means that anyone who is able and willing can contribute. Our documentation features an article with a few hints on where and how to contribute. We truly value each contributor and contribution. 

If you don’t feel like coding, but you still want to help our project, another valued way to contribute is to take part in testing new Turris releases. Release Candidate is a system build, which we are currently considering releasing and we frequently ask our community to help us test it. You can easily do that by switching to the RC branch as described in this short article. After you have switched to RC, you can check if your favorite functions still work the way they should and in case they don’t, write to us at tech.support@turris.cz.

Lastly, feel free to have a look at our community documentation, which has grown considerably in the last few months. Our users have written manuals on how to for example configure various LTE modems or how to install LXC containers. Anyone can contribute to the community documentation and if you have tested a cool hack or setting, which you think other Turris users might enjoy, please consider taking a few minutes to write an article in our community documentation about it. Or you can just browse around to see what community articles might be interesting to you.

Many thanks to our community, long live open source and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a few lines at info@turris.cz.