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Big new features in Turris OS 3.10

May 21, 2018

Turris OS

We are coming to you with great news about the just-released Turris OS 3.10, which is available as part of the automatic updates of Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia routers.

Cloud Backups – keep your configuration safe!

A second exciting new feature is the option to easily save your router’s configuration to our servers. Sure, you could also make a local backup using Schnapps, but thanks to Cloud backups you can now safely back up to our servers and restore any time you need to without having to search your computer for configuration files. As with Pakon, you can install and start using Cloud Backups inside the Foris user interface. Everything is, of course, encrypted and we cannot access your data – an emphasis on your privacy is our unshakable habit. You just need to be careful about one thing and that is not to forget the password. Without it, not even you will be able to access your backups.

Storage plugin - set a safe storage space with just one click!

And finally, our third novelty is the Storage plugin. This service takes care of moving data from the eMMC flash memory, which is susceptible to frequent writing and can be damaged by improper handling. The Storage plugin helps you prepare an external storage, such as a USB disk, and transfer all of your data onto it. This way you can very easily make sure that you are not wearing out your eMMC flash memory. The Storage plugin is also available in Foris. More info in our documentation.

Foris Demo

Do you want to know what Foris, the simplified administration interface for Turris routers, looks like? Check out https://demo.turris.cz where you can find the current version of Foris and click on it. The router won’t actually do anything, but you can have a look at what it could do. :)

Parental Control (PAKON) – keep track of the traffic inside your network!

One great new feature of Turris OS 3.10 is a tool to help you get an overview of the traffic on your router. We called this feature Pakon (abbreviated from Parental Control) - and it is suitable not only for parents but for anyone who wants to keep track of what services and sites users use. Pakon will show you what sites your internal network users are accessing and how much data is transferred. We intend to pursue intensive development of Pakon also in the future and add new features including active network traffic management. You can download and start using Pakon inside the Foris administration interface.