Turris Invitation to Maker Faire Prague

June 20, 2018

Dear Turrists, we like all bastlists, home-made doctors and new ideas.

Turris Team is a partner of the first year of Maker Faire Prague, which is held this weekend at the Industrial Palace at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague.

Come visit us from 23 to 24 June 2018 from 10 am to 6 pm, you will find us in the right wing of stand P11.

At the Turris booth we will showcase the new demonstration panel of the base module MOX, which was with us at CEBIT in Hanover.

You play #Turtris on the popular Tetris and you can also test your communication skills in the Two Towers game.From 14.10 on, Patrick Zandl will take part in the Business From Ballroom to Business Discussion Panel with his lecture "From Bastle to Product".

Come and enjoy an inspirational weekend with makers of all kinds.

We look forward to you

Your Turris Team

Big new features in Turris OS 3.10

May 21, 2018

We are coming to you with great news about the just-released Turris OS 3.10, which is available as part of the automatic updates of Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia routers.

Cloud Backups – keep your configuration safe!

A second exciting new feature is the option to easily save your router’s configuration to our servers. Sure, you could also make a local backup using Schnapps, but thanks to Cloud backups you can now safely back up to our servers and restore any time you need to without having to search your computer for configuration files. As with Pakon, you can install and start using Cloud Backups inside the Foris user interface. Everything is, of course, encrypted and we cannot access your data – an emphasis on your privacy is our unshakable habit. You just need to be careful about one thing and that is not to forget the password. Without it, not even you will be able to access your backups.

Storage plugin - set a safe storage space with just one click!

And finally, our third novelty is the Storage plugin. This service takes care of moving data from the eMMC flash memory, which is susceptible to frequent writing and …

Updated the terms and conditions

April 25, 2018

We have updated the terms and conditions due to new European GDPR regulation. You can find these documents in Support/Terms and Conditions section. This new Terms & Conditions will be valid starting 25.5.2018.

What updates happened?

In accordance with the Regulation, information on personal data is transferred to a special document - Processing Policies.We have also added the option for users to save backups of router user settings, ie Cloud Backup, to CZ.NIC servers.Other changes are rather cosmetic, possibly related to regulatory requirements, such as (out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes).

Introducing our „Safe router“ project at ISSS

April 11, 2018

In the last two days the Turris team was present at the ISSS conference and introduced your new project Bezpečný router (Safe router). If you are a Czech institution, you can apply for a free loan of one of our routers. Please see the Czech version of this website or the official website for details. 


Turris MOX: meet our modular router!

April 3, 2018

Turris MOX

After a lot of hard work from our fantastic HW and SW development team, today is the day we can finally say that we are far enough to introduce you to Turris MOXthe first ever modular open-source router!

What does modular mean? Well, for now, we offer 4 modules: Basic (CPU, USB 3.0, microSD slot, GWAN), Extension (mPCIe slot), Ethernet (4× GLAN) and SFP (SFP connector). It is up to you to decide how you want to combine the modules and whether you want a router, an AP, a five port switch, or even a media converter. Just like Turris 1.X and Turris Omnia, Turris MOX will also be open hardware and run on a distribution of OpenWRT. All of these features are thought to give our users maximum freedom - you decide what function you want to use, you decide how you want to hack it! At the same time, as with Omnia, we offer a secure default configuration, an easy setup and most importantly automatic updates

Are you already as excited as we are? To find out more about what individual modules look like and how to combine them, please visit our …

Turris Cloud: a smooth router for every network administrator

April 1, 2018

There’s plenty of routers on the market for various end-users demands. But have anybody thought about network administrators needs? We did - and our answer is Turris Cloud! 

Turris Cloud meets today’s latest trend to store everything in a nice smooth cloud. All your data, memories and dream will stay there safe and they will be protected by the best security mechanisms of Turris routers. Shortly: Turris Cloud is the router of your dreams!

How to use Turris Cloud as an experienced network administrator - save your dreams

Foto 1: Turris Cloud, router of your dreams

The body of Turris Cloud is made of polyester plush and it’s fully compatible with all Turris routers. Antennas automatically fold itself to not interfere with user’s own data storage. 

Turris Cloud front view

Foto 2: Front view

Turris Cloud will be available from April 3rd on Indiegogo for a discounted price. 

We would kindly like to note that some of the features of Turris OS 3.10 (now in RC) won’t be available in Turris Cloud – namely Parental Control to monitor data flows and Cloud Backup to backup router settings. 

Stay tuned and support us on 3 April on Indiegogo! 

Foto 3: How is Turris Cloud produced

Turris Cloud in production facility

Majordomo sunset period

March 26, 2018

The Majordomo package was an early approach towards giving the user an overview of activity inside his internal network through the Turris routers. With the course of time, Majordomo became insufficient as a solution and was replaced by Pakon, which utilizes Suricata to display and analyze  collected data. 

For these reasons, we haven’t been further developing Majordomo and are considering it‘s gradual removal from our supported package list as soon as it has functionally been replaced by Pakon. If you are using Majordomo solely for monitoring network traffic, not much is going to change for you, you can simply switch to Pakon‘s CLI or web interface. For those users, who want to have access to archived data, we will prepare a static clickable display of their data. The Majordomo module will then gradually be removed from Turris OS, so that it‘s outdated state doesn‘t pose a security threat. 

The Pakon web interface will be part of Turris OS version 3.10 and Majordomo would in that case be eliminated in summer 2018. If you have any questions or comments about letting Majordomo go, please post them here.

Reporting from Chemnitzer Linux-Tage

March 14, 2018

During the 11th and 12th March, the Turris Team attended Linux-Tage Chemnitz, which is a big event centered around Linux and free software and has been taking place in Chemnitz in neighboring Germany for the past twenty years. LTC 2018 was an exceptionally well-organized conference and the atmosphere warm and friendly, it was a pleasure to attend. Hats off to the organizing team! We would also like to thank all the people who took the time to stop by our stand, it was a pleasure to talk to you. Finally, thank you to vpsFree.cz for being such good neighbors and helping to strengthen the Czech core. We are already looking forward to next year, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures and a promise to link to our presentation (in German) once the video is up! 

See you at LTC2019 and happy routing!

For the Turris Team,

Nora Kořánová  

What happened at InstallFest?

March 5, 2018

InstallFest is a small Linux themed conference organized by Silicon Hill, which annually takes place in Prague. Talks are almost exclusively in Czech. Please see the Czech version of this post for details on talks from the Turris Team and other CZ.NIC colleagues. 

An invitation to InstallFest

Feb. 28, 2018

InstallFest is a small Linux themed conference organized by Silicon Hill, which annually takes place in Prague. Talks are almost exclusively in Czech. Please see the Czech version of this post for details on talks from the Turris Team and other CZ.NIC colleagues.