Turris Academy

As you very well know, it’s never too late to learn something new! From Jan 2021 we have started regular educational sessions on topics related to networking security, connectivity, and routers Turris.

These learning sessions will help you quickly understand the Turris world and the variability of use-cases our devices bring. We make sessions interactive. You can ask questions, discuss your own issues or use-cases, and you can meet like-minded Turris users or to-be users.

You can register here for the next Turris Academy session which will happen from 5pm on May 26th. We will focuse on how-to securely connect a branch network via Turris devices using Wireguard VPNs:

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Next Sessions Plan:

  • 16.6. (interim session) - Migration from 3x (including blue Turris)
  • 30.6. - Turris and Hardwario IoT
  • 28.7. - External disc and NAS with Turris Omnia

Unboxing and first setup

You can see past Turris Academy sessions on our YouTube channel

Easy OpenVPN setup

Would you like to know what is new with Turris? For more materials on Turris routers and ecosystem feel free to visit our Forum or Official Documentation.


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