Hi-performance and open source router


We make open source and secure network devices.


Secure default configuration, easy setup and automatic updates.


High power dual-core CPU with PC-like performance.

Open source

Open hardware running free operating system based on OpenWrt.


Build your own device in the way how you want it.

Wrote about us

Our customers said

Dialect Sweden

"We were looking for hundreds of devices that could be used in our public transport vehicles (buses, trains, taxi) and stops as a gateway and a Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time. Turris Omnia is perfectly suitable for that purpose as it contains only configurable software and high-performance hardware."


"When we needed new routers for our 79 Oxalis stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to securely connect them via VPN to the headquarters, the performance-quality-price ratio played a big role. We chose Turris Omnia routers also because they have SFP/LTE/WAN and can be freely configured."

Qarnot Computing

"We've developed the first computing heater embedding microprocessors as a heat source, using Omnia as a control unit inside. The board of Omnia has components close to our needs and stability of the platform is outstanding. There is mSATA slot for eventual embedded storage and many available unpopulated headers that can extend all its potential."